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Rock Climbing in Lukla

24 April, 2015

New Rock Climbing & Training site developed in Lukla

project orgainzed by Tenzing Hillary Park User Committee, Lukla

Route equipped by Pemba Gyalje Sherpa & Suman Gurung

Importance of develop the climbing training site in Lukla.

Upgrading the safety security of high altitude trekking, climbing & mountaineering in Nepal is very important at the moment.

The Everest region is one of the most popular destination for high altitude trekking, climbing, mountaineering & Sherpa culture. Every year big number of trekkers and climbers come to the Everest region because of their love for the mountains and nature. But high altitude trekkers, climbers and workers have varying degrees of technical ability, skill and training. Those variations in capacity and experience are make big difference in mountain safety security. Thorough preparations, skills and training is vital for safe trekking & mountain activities.

The different level of technical skill development is most important to produce quality manpower to minimize mountain accident and increasing healthy trekking & climbing.

Lukla Rock Climbing Center is great training rock for those who are doing peak climbing or trekking in the area.

Lukla Rock Climbing Center (LRCC) is one of the best FEATURES for

·         Suitable altitude for training & fitness

·         Very safe place from natural hazards

·         Near from Tenzing Hillary Airport

·         Bouldering & climbing on natural rock for all experience level

·         Different types of rappelling training

·         Tope rope & lead climbing

·         Different types of anchors & belay training on rock

·         Different types of cliff rescue training

·         Raising & lowering training

·         Ladder crossing & climbing training

·         Moving on fixed rope training

·         Tyrolean traverse & training


More information

Already 12 well equipped climbing routes, that are cleaned and pitons, ready to use. Starting from grade 5b to 7a, all routes are single pitch in different length with 8 to 30 meters long. Most of the routes are 20 meter long. There is two point bolted anchor with every route for top belay & rappelling without chain anchor.

All lose rocks along the climbing routes were removed during the set up. Some routes is not suitable for top rope climbing due to long pendulum swing specially route no. 3, 4 & 11.

It is just a 15 minutes normal walk from the Tenzing Hillary Airport & most of the lodges and restaurant of Lukla.

There is some variety crack route for aid climbing, no need to bolt, better to keep natural for aid climbing training, chocks, friends, & camming devices training.

There is lot of opportunity to open more climbing routes.






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