Climbing Training

Nepal is not only the high altitude trekking and mountaineering Meca. it is great place to practice indoor sports climbing, outdoor rock climbing and winter frozen waterfall ice climbing activities. Natural rock climbing and ice climbing is one of best outdoor activities in Nepal with observing and enjoying the local culture, people and life of Nepal.

Training Program

Training:                      Introductory sports climbing training (Indoor) 

Location:                             Kathmandu

Note: This is weekend sports climbing training in indoor sports climbing centre in Kathmandu.


Training:                    Introductory outdoor sports climbing (Natural rock climbing) 

Location:                          Hatiban, Balaju

Note: This is weekend outdoor sports climbing training on natural rock cliff in Hatiban rock climbing site or  Balaju, Raniban rock climbing site. 


Training:                     Intermediate rock climbing training 

Location:                           Kathmandu, Hatiban, Balaju and Bimal Nagar Tanahu

Note: This is multi days intermediate level rock climbing training for arround Kathmandu and Bimal Nagar Tanahu just 60km west from Kathmandu and closed to Bandipur. 


Training:                     Ice climbing training

Location:                            Khumbu, Rolwaling

Note: This is two weeks frozen waterfall ice climbing training including one week climbing and one week trekking up down. 

Traning for: Basic to advance level indivisuals, School, colledge students.

Please contact me for more  details


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